Code of Conduct

Mayfield Soccer Club Code of Conduct

The Mayfield Soccer Club is committed to developing players in a healthy and competitive environment. In order to accomplish this, players and parents are expected to adhere to the following club policies:

100% attendance, 100% effort. Participation in practice and games with a terrific attitude and great effort are essential to skills development. Players will develop at a significantly faster rate when they are fully engaged with their team and coaches. Attendance and effort directly correlates to how successful players, and ultimately the team, will become.

Be prepared. Arrive at practices and games prepared mentally, physically, and with all required equipment.

Sportsmanship. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times toward opponents, referees, and parents of opposing players.  The success of the MSC relies on players and parents respecting the game of soccer. Arguments and inappropriate behavior in games demonstrate a lack of respect for soccer and will be remembered much longer than individual accomplishments and game results.

Teamwork. Soccer is a team sport and therefore the team is only as good as a sum of its parts.  Players are expected to support one another on and off the field. Positive comments and encouragement to teammates builds team chemistry and player self-esteem. We win as a team and lose as a team and therefore no one individual can be attributed to a win or loss.

Study the game. Players are expected to observe play when not on the field. Players can learn a significant amount when watching how plays develop and how successful teams compete.

Respect coaches. MSC coaches are volunteers that do so for the love of the game and to pass along their passion to children.  Disrespect by players and parents will not be tolerated.  For any disagreements with coaching decisions, parents are asked to wait at least 24 hours after the completion of the event before contacting them.